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A Personal Letter From Judith Ayre.

Hi fellow travellers and welcome to Judith Ayre & Associates.

Happiness, peace, freedom, wellbeing, love, meaning, fulfillment, contentment.

At Judith Ayre and Associates we believe that these states of happiness, peace, freedom, wellbeing, love, meaning, fulfillment and contentment are not only achievable but that the purpose of our life and our soul's journey is about gaining full access to happiness, experiencing peace, enjoying freedom, wellbeing and love, and creating meaning, fulfillment and contentment in our lives.

We have found that once we begin living in happiness, and having a personal experience of peace, freedom, wellbeing, love, meaning, fulfillment and contentment in our daily lives, new opportunities open up for us.

What we need to do is to get in touch with the laws of happiness and with our own soul's individual needs and then begin to live out these needs - in other words, to 'be ourselves'.

Have you ever read in books and magazines and heard people say, "I just want to be myself' or give the advice, 'Be yourself'?

This is easier said than done because most of us don't know our own soul's individual needs are or who our authentic self is. We have a persona that seems like it's probably our real self, because it has been around for a while.

We have armoring around us to protect us from hurt and conflict and overwhelm. We have an act we know isn't us but which we think we need to survive in our job or family. We have anger or sadness which keeps surfacing and spilling over which we have either learned to use to keep the world and hurt at bay or which seems to get in the way of showing the person we want to be. We have created a complex system of protection around us perhaps because we learned to take care of the needs of others but not acknowledge our own, or perhaps we aggressively demand that our needs are met because that is the only way it has worked for us and we have learned to call it assertiveness.

But we are still not happy and don't know our 'Self'. We may have learned when we were children that 'how I am and who I am as a unique person in the world is not OK, it is not good enough'. We try to mould ourselves to be the person we think will bring us the most love and approval and in the process lose our authentic self. It isn't any wonder we lose happiness.

Many of us lose access to happiness, joy and contentment because we have a variety of emotions which overlay our core happiness. Have you noticed that when a woman cries, she is often angry? So layers of sadness are overlaid with anger and a man becomes angry when he is sad - layers of sadness overlaid with anger.

Contemporary emotion theory tells us that we have complex systems of emotion which surround stressful or traumatic issues from our babyhood onwards. We are not able to access those emotion 'schemes' let alone describe or release them. These schemes can be triggered by all sorts of events and we are left with only our defenses, such as 'Oh who cares anyway' or ' I'll show them, I'll get my revenge' or ' I feel so tired I can't even get up for work" or other generally ineffective coping strategies.

On the Path to 'Becoming' or coming back to our own 'true nature' or 'true self', all these layers are uncovered and gently released. We discover our true nature, our real needs and in the process, love, joy, happiness, fulfillment, meaning, wellbeing, freedom and contentment.

Ours is not a crisis or problem solving approach to counselling (although we can do that if it arises during your journey). We don't work with people for a few sessions to resolve for example, an issue that comes up with their boss or how they are going to resolve the fear around a recent house burglary.

Ours is Soul Work with ultimate happiness and understanding of 'Self' as our goal. Our work with you deeply nurtures your psyche to lift the veil on your true self and Soul needs. On this journey heart and mind come together and your Soul comes home to itself. On this journey you transform your life. You can't help but have your needs met, destructive relationships fall away, self destructive patterns are transformed and you stop majorly compromising. On this journey you feel the love of the universe flowing through your veins. This is your birthright. We would love to walk with you on your own personal journey as you work with this unfolding process.

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