Justus Lewis, PhD

Justus Lewis - Transpersonal life and business coaching; EMF Balancing Technique® Practitioner and Teacher, NES Health Practitioner

Justus Lewis PhD; MA Hons; DipEd Tert; Dip & Adv Dip Solution Oriented Hypnosis; Cert IV Workplace Assessement and Training; Certified Facilitator, Strength Deployment Inventory; Reiki Master (Usui & Seichem); EMF Balancing Technique® Teacher and Practitioner.

Former Associate Professor Dr Justus Lewis has spent her lifetime exploring Soul. In the 1970's she completed her PhD exploring the nature of Soul and of God in the Hindu scriptures and learned Sanscrit in order to conduct her research in the original language. In latter years, her exploration in the context of her own inner work continued and intensified in the face of her own journey through grief and loss.

Justus continued to explore and study many counselling and healing modalities and advanced systems for working with the mind to bring about change. But the public demand for her work has been in her ability to integrate her knowledge of business and education, her superb strategic planning skills with her understanding of the individual's growth through the various levels of consciousness towards self-actualization.

Justus speaks at forums and conferences about the Heart and Soul of business. Her strategic plans for people's businesses go beyond the personal to the transpersonal and her coaching crosses into the counselling where, by building a genuine relationship, she supports people to release blocks to growth and development and challenges them to find solutions and answers from their deep well of inner knowing, whether they be seeking business development or personal development.

I recommend Justus to you because she is the very best coach I know and akin to those who charge $3.000.00 per hour. She has developed some extraordinary tools to help you grow your business and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Expertise: Transpersonal soul-centred life and business coaching; EMF Balancing Technique® Practitioner and Teacher & NES Health Practitioner.

Cost basis: Gold standard

Location: St Kilda

Professional memberships: Member AHA, NFH

Rates: $100.00 per session

Phone: 0400 156 069 during business hours


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