Is This You
Do any of these situations seem familiar?

  •  Your relationship seems flat and lacks the spark it once had. Maybe you're having communication issues or conflicts that seem insoluble.
  •  You are caught in a dynamic with family, friends or colleagues that leaves you feeling sad, angry or dissatisfied. You wonder if this is just who you are and whether anything can really change.
  •  You have that niggling feeling that something is not working for you. You feel your life could be happier and more fulfilled but you're not sure where or how to start.
  •  You feel forced to wear a mask. Maybe it's the demands of job, the values of society, or parental or cultural values that make you feel that you can't really be yourself and you always have to try to please others.
  •  You seem to end up back where you started even though you've tried to change or make things different.
  •  You feel flat and depressed. Life looks grey. Things that used to please you seem to have lost their appeal.
  •  You suffer from anxiety or panic attacks.
  •  You want to resolve childhood or early family issues. You know you need to do this because the same patterns keep popping up; but somehow you've just never got around to it or you feel that the whole exercise would be too painful.
  •  You are concerned about your child. Maybe s/he is not sleeping or eating well, having problems at school or bed-wetting

If any of these situations are familiar you may be wondering, Can these people really help me?

We understand if you feel sceptical and recognize that our approach does not suit everyone. However, if you are the kind of person who is committed to self improvement, who seeks truth, honesty and your own genuineness, and who values being yourself, you will find yourself amongst a group of like-minded people.

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Many of the people we work with have an interest in global issues such as social ecology or conservation.

Others are leaders or people who wish to take up a leadership role at work or in their community.

They all have in common that they recognize their mind, body, emotions and the spiritual part of themselves and want to achieve more of their potential. They are willing to make changes and enjoy exploring their values and their patterns of belief and behaviour.

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